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Why Is Proper Illumination Crucial for Parking Lot Safety?

Why Is Proper Illumination Crucial for Parking Lot Safety?

Just imagine driving into a parking space where you can hardly see anything. You are likely to bump into some vehicles and cause damage. Parking becomes a nightmare. But with proper illumination all these problems can be sorted out. Thus, good lighting is crucial in parking spaces. 

Parking lot lighting should be bright and uniform, making every nook and corner visible. After alighting from the vehicle, you should feel a sense of safety and security, not just for yourself but for the vehicle as well.  

Let us have a look at the various benefits of having good parking lot lighting. 

Why should you have proper parking lot lighting?

Enhanced Visibility

Visibility is the main consideration in a parking space. Are the corners of the space well-lit? Does the side of the building get proper lighting? Is the light available throughout the night? These are a few of the things to consider. 

All areas of the parking space should be clearly visible for safe navigation to and from the parking space. This helps in accident prevention. 

For example, without proper lighting there is high chance of touching other vehicles when you park in tight spaces. This can not only damage your own vehicle but others vehicles as well. You may not be able to see people walking which again can cause accidents. 

Deterrence of Criminal Activity

Poorely lit parking spaces are good hideouts for criminials. They can steal cars and valuables inside and even harm people and get away with it easily. 

Having a well-lit parking space creates a safe environment. Criminials think twice before indulging in anti-social activities. Proper parking lights discourages theft and vandalism when every nook and corner of the parking space is clearly visible to all. 

In fact, it is the responsibiltiy of the concerned business establishment to ensure the safey of people. 

Improved Surveillance

Lighting plays a crucial role in the surveillance of a place. Even if the entire parking space is covered by CCTV, without proper lighting the very purpose of surveillance is defeated. Clear footages are visible in the camera only if the parking space is well-lit. 

In fact, having bright lights is the first step to enhancing security measures in a parking space. 

Prevention of Trips and Falls

The chances of trips and falls are considerably high when the parking lot is not properly lit. This is particularly important for seniors for whom even a small fall can be dangerous. People tend to avoid poorely lit parking spaces even though they want to use the facility. 

In case of major falls or injury, the person can even sue the property owner for not providing adequate facility in the form of lighting. Thus parking lot hazards can be reduced to a great extent with proper lighting. 

Increased Perceived Safety

Pedestrian safety is crucial in parking spaces. Good lighting can create a sense of safety and security in your mind. 

The psychological impact of lighting is huge. Even if the parking space is in a deserted area, if it is properly lit you get a safe feeling. This, in turn, can build your trust and confidence. 

In case of business spaces, ensuring parking lot safety with well-lit parking facility can have a positive effect on the business reputation. In fact, a poorly lit parking space makes it feel as though the business is closed, though it may be open for business. 

Compliance with Regulations

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America has stipulated certain standards for parking space lighting. 

As per IES, a parking space should have a minimum horizontal lighting of 0.2 foot candles and vertical illuminance of 0.1 foot candle. This can be increased to 0.5 foot horizontal illumination and 0.25 foot vertical illumination for enhanced security. 

Compliance with regulations not only creates a safe and secured parking space but also helps do away with all liability concerns. 

What are the tips for maintaining parking lot lighting?

  • Every parking space should have a fixed schedule for maintaining the parking lights. They should be cleaned at regular intervals so that the quality of light is not affected. 
  • Lights should be replaced even before they are completely worn out. This ensure that there is no gap in lighting. 
  • You should ensure that there is no obstruction to the light like trees and branches. Thus, all the nearby trees should be trimmed at regular intervals. 
  • Lighting poles should be inspected periodically to ensure that there is no shortfall. Similarly, all lights should point downward towards the parking space. 
  • Check the security cameras regularly and ensure that the lighting is adequate. There should not be any glares or shadows that can obstruct the clear viewing of the picture. 
  • Ensure that the security weak spots like corner of the parking space or side of buildings are well lit. This can avoid potential safety concerns. 
  • In places where there is traffic movement throughout the night, like airports and apartment complexes, make sure that the parking light is on throughout. You can even opt for dawn to dusk smart lights that cuts off automatically as the day breaks. 
  • Light pollution like glare and excess heat is a cause of concern. You should ensure that the parking lights installed complies with local light pollution ordinances. 
  • Last but not least, if you are using inefficient lighting like high-pressure sodium bulbs, consider replacing it with more powerful and energy-saving bulbs like LED. Installing smart lights or motion sensor lights can even save on your energy bill. 


Designing a parking space is not all about its layout but also about proper lighting. Having proper lighting not only improves parking lot visibility, but also plays a very important role in crime prevention. Improved surveillance in parking lots becomes effective only when there is proper lighting in the facility. 

What are you waiting for? Invest in good quality LED lighting solutions in your parking space and make it more safe and secure for the public.  



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