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LED vs HID Flood Lights: Which is Better?

LED vs HID Flood Lights: Which is Better?

Proper lighting plays a crucial role in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether it is lighting a warehouse, factory or even an outdoor unit, proper lighting is highly essential to carry out the work efficiently. 

When it comes to outdoor spaces, floodlights are the most popular choice for lighting. These lights are generally mounted on a pole or a building and light up a large space like a park or sports field. 

Floodlights for outdoor spaces are mainly of two types: LED flood lights and HID flood lights (non-LED flood lights). While LED flood lights use LED to light spaces, HID flood lights use high-pressure sodium, mercury vapour, and metal halide to produce the desired light. 

Understanding LED Flood Lights

LED flood lights are those that are powered by LED lights. They are very powerful lights and, hence, can be used to light up large areas. 

LED light benefits for outdoor spaces are many. 

  • LED lights are less expensive than other forms of light, making them cost-efficient. 
  • LED lighting has a very long lifespan. Thus, LED bulbs need not be replaced at regular intervals thereby reducing maintenance cost. 
  • LED lights are energy-efficient floodlights that help save your energy bill and, thereby, your operational cost. 
  • The heat emission by LED flood lights is very low and causes less impact on the environment. 

LED floodlights are primarily used in spaces where safety is very important, such as warehouses and parking lots. They are also used in sports arenas where bright lighting is required. 

Understanding HID Flood Lights

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) flood lights are the oldest type of electrical light. They use gas and metal to produce an intense glow. Different types of HID lighting, such as high-pressure sodium and metal halide, are available. These can produce high-intensity light to light up a vast area. 

Superior visibility is the most important advantage of HID floodlights. They are also energy-efficient and last for several years. The light also produces less heat and hence does not warm up the environment. 

You will find HID light applications in large spaces like stadiums, large gymnasiums, retail spaces and warehouses. 

LED vs. HID flood lights: Performance Comparison

Energy Efficiency

The energy consumption of HID lights is very high when compared to LED lights. Moreover, a portion of the energy used is wasted. 

For lighting a parking space, LED lights require only 40-600 watts of energy. HID light, on the other hand, makes use of 400-1000 watt to light up the same space.  

Flood light lifespan and Maintenance

The lifespan of LED flood lights is much longer than HID lights. Once installed, LED bulbs can last for several years. When used at its full capacity, LED flood lights can last for up to 11 years. Thus, maintenance is also low when LED bulbs are used. 

Light Quality and Output

When you do an output and Light quality comparison, LED lights are much better than HID lights. Moreover, LED lights provide a uniform lighting throughout the space. 

HID lights provide bright light initially, but it gradually decreases its output over the years. In some cases, the output can be 70% less after 10,000 hours of operation. Thus, you need to change the light frequently which can shoot up the cost. 

Direction of light

HID lights are omnidirectional ie the light is distributed 360 degrees. Thus, a lot of light is wasted when using HID lights. 

LED flood lights, on the other hand, are directional. You can easily direct the light to the work area when using LED lights. 

Cost Analysis

The initial cost of commercial outdoor lighting using LED is slightly higher than HID lights. However, the long term saving while using LED is significantly high. 

The initial installation cost for HID lights may be low, but the lighting maintenance cost can be sightly higher as frequent replacement of parts is required. 

Thus, when you compare both LED and HID lights, the return on investment is more for LED lights than HID.   

Choosing the Right Flood Light for Your Needs

Careful selection of flood light for commercial purpose is very important. You should consider the below factors while choosing flood light for your needs. 

Energy efficiency

The flood light that you choose should provide the optimum energy efficiency so that energy bills can be kept at a lower level. LED flood lights are the best choice as they are highly energy efficient. Once installed, an LED light can work continuously for 11 years at full capacity. 


The light selected should provide enough brightness to light up the whole area. The lumen of the light should be considered in this aspect.

If you are undertaking an LED retrofit and want to replace a 400 watt metal halide bulb, you should go for an LED bulb of 12000 to 18000 lumens to get the desired result.


Before selecting any light, you should ensure that it complies with the necessary standards and regulations. Commercial LED lights should have certifications like UL and DLC which shows the energy efficiency, safety standards and quality of the light. 


The maintenance of the light is another important factor to consider. While residential lights are easy to maintain, this is not the case with commercial lighting. How often should you change the bulb? Does dust and dirt accumulation affect the quality of light? These are a few of the things to consider. 

LED lights have a very high lifespan. Once installed the bulbs can last for several years. Thus, this type of lights require less maintenance. 


Lighting the commercial space is a very important aspect that requires your consideration. The light used should not only provide enough brightness but should also be energy efficient. Besides, you should also consider the environmental impact of lighting.  

LED floodlights are the perfect choice in all situations. It helps save energy and cost and goes with the aim of sustainability. The Beam series Cinoton LED flood light makes a perfect choice for lighting outdoor commercial spaces.


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