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Why Are LED High Bay Lights Ideal for Industry?

Why Are LED High Bay Lights Ideal for Industry?

LED high bay lights are the most popular industrial lighting solution. They are the preferred choice for lighting up a warehouse, factory, commercial establishment, stadium, or any other large space. 

The popularity of LED high bay lights can be attributed to the numerous advantages they offer. From improved energy efficiency to a long life span, LED high bay lights offer many advantages. Besides, they are also cost-effective, which can greatly reduce the overall operational cost. 

Let us have a detailed look at what an LED high bay light is and why LED high bay lights are the most popular choice in industries. 

What is an LED high bay light?

High bay lights are powerful lights used in large industrial spaces with ceiling heights of 20-40 feet. This type of lighting provides a uniform distribution of light without casting shadows or black spots, which is very important in an industrial setting. 

Because of its various advantages, using LED lights in high bay lighting can improve its overall performance. This type of light is mostly used in factories, warehouses, large retail spaces, sports arenas, and large recreational spaces where bright uniform light is required. 

What are the benefits of LED high bay lights?

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

LED high-bay lights can save up to 40%—60% of energy compared to non-LED high-bay lights. 

For example, a typical LED high bay light uses 95 to 495 watts of energy, whereas an HID high bay light uses 175 to 1000 watts. Thus, by using LED high bay lights, you are saving energy and cost and contributing towards sustainability.  

Moreover, many conventional lights emit a lot of energy in the form of heat. Traditional incandescent lights work at 20% energy efficiency, which means that only 20% of energy is converted into light. The rest 80% is wasted as heat. 

On the other hand, LED lights do not emit heat; rather, they emit very little heat and thus help make the best use of energy. 

Superior Brightness and Coverage

LED high-bay lights provide uniform lighting distribution throughout the space. This is because they are focused on the work area, so no light is wasted by pointing in other directions. 

HID high bay lights, on the other hand, are omnidirectional. A lot of light is directed towards the ceiling and sides, which is then wasted. This results in increased energy waste and high heat production. 

Brighter light and better coverage of LED high bay lights offer enhanced productivity for employees. 

High light quality

The light quality of LED high bay lights can be measured in CCT (correlated color temperature), CRI (Color Rendering Index) and lumen. 

CCT measures how warm or cool the light is. LED high bay lights are available in various color temperatures ranging from warm to cool. Thus, depending on your need, you can choose the light of the correct color temperature. 

CRI refers to the ability of the light to show the actual color of the object. This is particularly important in industrial setups where color of the object should be clearly visible. 

However, higher lumen output is what makes the LED high bay light stand out. Lumen refers to the visible light that comes out of a source. Since most industrial setups have very high ceilings, the lumen output should be high to give the desired result.

LED lights provide a very high lumen, which is apt for the tall ceilings of warehouses. 

Since the CCT, CRI and lumen of LED high bay lights are very high, they are highly recommended in industrial establishments.

Long Lifespan and Durability

LED high-bay lights have a very long life span and durability compared to non-LED high-bay lights. Typically, they can last up to 10 times longer than other forms of light. 

A normal LED light's lifespan is 11 years of continuous use or 22 years of 50 per cent usage. If you use the light for 8 hours every day, it can last for 20 years. 

These lights are also damage-proof and require very low maintenance. The bulbs of LED lights do not wear off easily. Similarly, the light has very few moving components that break. 

The long life and less maintenance of LED high bay lights help reduce the overall operational cost. 

Cost Savings

The initial cost of installing an LED high-bay light can be a bit high, but it offers substantial cost savings in the long run. 

Firstly, LED high-bay lights use less energy than other forms of light. Thus, the energy bill comes down when you choose LED lights. 

Secondly, these lights are highly durable and require less maintenance. This can reduce the overall operational cost. 

Thus, in the long run, LED high lights can nullify the high installation cost. 

Environment friendly

LED high bay lights do not have any harmful material to pollute the environment. It does not emit harmful UV rays, and can be used in places where UV-sensitive materials are displayed, like museums and archaeological sites. 

Other forms of light have harmful materials like mercury, which is not eco-friendly. 

Besides, LED lights can be used for a long period of time. They emit less heat and produce more light, which adds to their environment-friendly nature and ensures improved safety for employees. 

Design flexibility

LED high bay lights can be designed to meet your requirements. If you want dimmable lights, it is possible to do the necessary adjustments in LED lights. Thus, there is better control over light and its temperature when using LED high bay light. 


LED high bay lights are the most sought-after option for industrial lighting solutions. It’s energy efficiency and cost savings are the main factors that make them stand out from other types of lighting. Besides, they have a long lifespan and low maintenance which can again contribute to cost saving. 

On top of all, the eco-friendly feature of industrial LED lighting also makes them stand out in todays times.

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