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What to Consider When Choosing LED Warehouse Lights?

What to Consider When Choosing LED Warehouse Lights?

Warehouses and big open buildings like auditoriums and sports complexes require bright and uniform light. This ensures that work can be carried out without any disruption. However, energy savings are also important when lighting large spaces as it directly impacts the operational cost.

This is where LED lights come into the picture. They not only brighten up the whole space but also ensure the energy bill is low, thereby keeping operational costs at a reasonable rate. 

What are the benefits of LED Warehouse Lights?

Let us have a look at the LED warehouse lighting benefits.

Energy saving

Energy savings are the first and foremost reason for using LED lights. Compared to incandescent lights, LED lights use very little energy. You can save 80-90 % of your energy bill by using LED lights. This, in turn, results in saving of operational cost. 

Less cost

Thanks to technological advancement and immense market competition, you get cost savings with LED warehouse lights. You can purchase LED lights at a substantial lower amount compared to other forms of light. 

Besides, you can even claim rebates from local municipalities and the federal government when you use LED lights for your warehouse lighting solutions. 

Long lifespan

LED Lighting for warehouse has a very long life span compared to conventional lights. They can last up to 11 years of continuous operation or 22 years of operation at 50% capacity. Thus, even if you use the light continuously for eight hours per day, it would last for 20 years. 

The long lifespan of LED lights can do away with the need to change the light quite often.

Eco friendly

Conventional lights, like fluorescent lights, have toxic materials like mercury that can harm the environment. Choosing LED warehouse lights does not cause any harm to the environment as it is free from such toxic materials. 

Besides, every bulb component of LED lights is recyclable, thus reducing their impact on the environment. The bulb's long lifespan ensures that it is not replaced at short intervals, again contributing to its eco-friendliness. 

Can operate in hot and cold conditions

LED High-Bay Lights work efficiently whether it is very hot or cold inside the warehouse. Thus, they can be used in cold storage as well as normal warehouses where the temperature is on the higher side. 

What are the factors to consider when choosing LED warehouse lights?

Lumens and Brightness

Lumen is the amount of visible light from Industrial LED Lighting. Warehouse Light Fixtures should have a lumen between 10 and 30, depending on the items they are handling. Warehouses were large items are handled should have a lumen of 10 per square feet to provide enough brightness. 

Color Temperature

Color temperature is the color of the light that comes from a source which usually ranges between 1000K to 10,000K. Color temperature for warehouse lighting should be between 4000k to 5000k. 5000k is close to daylight and it reduces eye strain while working in a warehouse. 

Energy Efficiency

How energy efficient the light is plays a crucial role as it helps reduce the energy bill and thereby the overall operational cost. The best energy efficient warehouse lighting are LED lights that consumes 80-90% less energy when compared to incandescent light. 

Durability and Lifespan

Another factor to consider is how long the light lasts once it is installed. You should opt for durable LED lights for warehouse as they can last for upto 11 years when used continuously. If the light is used for 8 hours per day, it can last upto 20 years. 

Number of lights

The number of lights to install depends on various factors like height and space of the warehouse, and the use of the space. You should also consider whether dimming will be required before deciding on the number of lights. 

Installation and Maintenance

Warehouse Lighting Installation and Warehouse Light Maintenance cost is another factor to consider. The installation cost depends on how big the warehouse is and how many lights are required. 

As for maintenance, you will notice a drop in the brightness of the LED light after sometime. Regular dusting and cleaning ensures that the light functions at full capacity. 

Types of LED Warehouse Lights

There are different types of warehouse lights you can use depending on the needs.

UFO high bay light

These are round shaped commercial LED lighting that resembles an UFO. The unique feature of this light is their exceptional durability. Thus, you need not change this high-bay light at frequent intervals. 

Moreover, this type of lights have high lumen output that adds to the brightness of LED warehouse lights. Besides, these lights are very easy to install. 

Linear high bay light

If you want the best LED warehouse lights that extends over a larger area, the linear high bay light is the perfect choice. The main advantage of linear high bay light is that since it can illuminate a larger area, only few number of lights are required to brighten up the whole space. 

Wall lights

If, for any reason, the UFO high bay light or linear light does not work, the wall lights come in handy. As the name suggests, these lights are fixed to the wall to provide ample brightness to the warehouse when needed. 


LED lights are the best choice when you want to light up a large area like a warehouse. It offers various benefits like cost saving, energy efficiency, and long lifespan. Besides, LED lights are also eco-friendly and contributes towards sustainability. 

However, you should consider different factors before purchasing LED warehouse lights. The lumen is the first consideration as the warehouse should be well lit for improved productivity. In addition, the color temperature should also match daylight to avoid strain to the eyes. The lights should be fixed following the crossover pattern so that shadows and overlapping of lights can be avoided. 

Selecting the right LED warehouse light ensures that workers are able to put in their best. 

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