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How Can You Find the Best Local Electrician Near You?

How Can You Find the Best Local Electrician Near You?

The first person you call when you need electrical work done in your residence or commercial building is an electrician. Whether installing a new light fixture or providing an entirely new electric connection, the role of an electrician can never be underestimated. 

There can be several electricians in your neighbourhood. But then, how will you select the best electrician who can do the work professionally without charging much?

In this article we will explain what you should consider while finding the best local electrician and the important questions you need to ask them.

Top Tips to Find the Best Local Electrician

Word of Mouth Recommendations

Word of mouth is the tried and tested method to find the best electrician services in a locality. You can check with your neighbours or friends in the locality about electrican whose service they have availed. 

Ask Other Tradespeople

If you have hired the service of a carpenter or painter before, you can ask them to refer you to an electrician nearby. Most tradespeople or general contractors will have good connections with others in their domain and may be able to recommend one from their network.  

Check Competent Person Registers

All electricians whose service is rated as of good quality will be included in a competent person register. You can check these registers for good electricians in your locality. If an electrician's name is included in the register, it means that the person provides good-quality service. 

Refer to Trade Associations

Electricians will have their own trade associations, which can be a good source of information for finding a good professional. In the USA, the National Electrical Contractors Association and Federated Electrical Contractors are a few trade associations from where you can get some references.

Use Online Platforms

There are several online platforms that provide a list of the best electricians in a region. All you have to do is provide the details of the region, and the list of electricians will be listed down from which you can select one. 

What are some important questions to ask an Electrician?

Before hiring the service of an electrician, there are certain questions for which you should seek clear answers. 

What are your qualifications?

To practice as an electrician, a person should have passed electrical journeyman exam. A person who has passed this exam will have good knowledge of National Electrical Code or any changes brought about in it by the state. You should check whether the electrician has passed the exam and has a good knowledge of the code. 

What work are you specialized in?

Like any other profession, electricians also specialize in certain aspects of their work. While some might be specialized in wiring new houses, others may be specizlied in large commercial buildilngs. You should first check with them about their area of specialization before proceeding further.  

Do you have insurance coverage?

The work of an electrician is potentially dangerous. Thus, protecting them from possible hazards is very important. You should check with the potential electrician about their insurance coverage before you hire them. Each state has their own policy limits and insurance requirements may vary. 

If the electrician is registered with any professional associations, they will have insurance. If not, it is best not to hire them. 

Do you have proper licensing?

All electricians who work either in a residence or a commercial building should have proper licenses from a competent authority. You should check whether the person or the contracting company has the required license before hiring them. 

An electrician with a master’s license is competent to install an entirely new electrical system. All other type of electrical work can be done by a journeyman electrician. In case you are approaching a contracting company, the company should have an Electrical Contractor license. 

Will you provide a budget estimate?

If the work involves a major spending, then you should check whether the electrician will get a budget estimate before starting the work. Having a budget estimate will let you have a clear idea about the amount you need to spend for the entire work. 

Will you provide guarantee for the work?

A professional electrician offers guarantee for their work. Having work guarantee provides you with peace of mind as you will be asured that things will be taken care of if anything goes wrong. 

Understanding the Cost of Hiring an Electrician

A qualified electrician will charge anywhere between $50 - $100 depending on the work carried out. For small jobs undertaken in residences, the electrician cost will be in $150-$600 range. For large commercial projects, the cost will be in $2000 - $10,000 range. 

It is always advisable to get the estimate from 2-3 electrian near me before finalising on one. You can ask the electrician to provide a split-up of the charges like material and labour cost. This way you can figure out which electrical contractor provides value for money service.

Why Hiring a Qualified Electrician Matters?

A qualified and certified electrician offers a whole lot of benefits. Below are a few of the reasons why you should hire a qualified electrician. 

  • Electrical work is not a miniscule work. It should be done professionally as it can affect the safety and security of your family. Thus hiring an electrician with proper electrician qualifications is very important. 
  • A qualified electrician will have an insurance. Thus, you need not worry even if things go out of hand. 
  • For certain electrical work, especially large commercial works, hiring a qualified electricial contractor is a must. 


Electrical work involves a lot of complexities that you need a trusted electrician for the task. The best way to find electrician near me is through word of mouth. Electrician recommendations by your neighbours and friends are more trustworthy as they will refer only a tried and tested person. 

Before hiring an electrician, you should be clear about their insurance, budget and work guarantee. This way you are assured of the best electrical services from a trusted electrian near me.

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