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Why Are LED Canopy Lights the Best Option for Gas Stations?

Why Are LED Canopy Lights the Best Option for Gas Stations?

Like any other commercial space, gas stations should also have bright and clear light for better clarity and visibility. Both customers and employees benefit from having clear lights in gas stations. 

The customers should be able to see how much fuel they have filled the vehicle. Even while making payment, there should be proper lighting so that mistakes can be avoided. Accidents like slipping and falling can also be reduced to a great extent if there is proper lighting in a gas station.   

LED Canopy Lights are the best choice for gas station lighting. They provide enough brightness to the space and offer various other benefits. 

What Are LED Canopy Lights?

A gas station canopy is a reinforced structure that forms the ceiling of the gas station. LED lights are those that are fixed to the canopy of the gas station. 

The main purpose of LED canopy light is to provide brightness to the space and ensure customers' and employees' safety and security. LED canopy lights also play a crucial role in improving the brand image. 

Apart from gas stations, these outdoor LED Lights are also used in parking spaces, retail stores and industrial facilities. 

What are the benefits of LED Canopy Lights for Gas Stations?

LED canopy light benefits are many and varied

1. Energy Efficiency

LED canopy lights consume less energy compared to traditional lighting options. Typically they use less than 80% of the energy as used in traditional lights. Energy Star rating shows the energy efficiency of the LED canopy light. 

2. Better light quality

The light output is bright and clear when you use LED canopy light. Besides, LED lights have a wide color temperature from warm to cool. You can thus select the temperature as per your requirement. 

3. Cost-Effectiveness

LED lights offer long-term cost savings due to lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance. The initial investment cost of LED canopy lights can be high. However, the savings made in the long run can offset the initial installation cost. 

4. Enhanced Safety and Visibility

Bright and consistent lighting is important for safety and visibility in gas stations. This can be achieved by going for LED canopy lights. LED lights do not flicker and provide continuous and consistent brightness throughout. 

5. Durability and Longevity

LED canopy lights are durable and have a longer lifespan. This reduces the need to replace the light frequently, thus reducing the overall cost. When used continuously, LED lights can last up to 11 years. 

6. Easy installation

LED canopy lights are light weight and compact. Thus, LED Canopy Light Installation is quite easy. Most lighting fixtures come with a user manual. You can follow the same to install it.

However, in case of large gas stations that require several lighting fixtures, it is best to seek the help of professionals for installing the lighting. 

7. Low maintenance

LED canopy lights require less maintenance when compared to other forms of lighting. Fluorescent and other types of lamps require regular check to ensure they work at their full capacity. This can eventually increase the maintenance cost. This is not required in case of LED canopy light because of which the maintenance cost of LED canopy light is very less.

8. Eco friendly

LED canopy lights are environmentally friendly when compared to other types of light. They use less electricity and generate less heat and hence the carbon footprint is less when compared to other types of lighting. Moreover, they do not release any harmful chemicals like mercury, which is common in other types of light. 

In addition to all the above, LED lightings are people centered lighting design. These lights are glare free and bright and hence attract the drivers to the gas station. Even if refueling is not the main objective, drivers tend to pull up at stations with the right ambient lighting. 

What are the different types of LED canopy lights? 

Surface mounted lights

These are durable LED lights that are mounted on the surace of the ceiling. They can either be round or square in shape. 

Recessed lights

These are lights that are flushed against the ceiling and is the most common type of bright LED lighting used in gas stations. 

Low bay canopy light

Low bay canopy light is a perfect choice if the canopy height is less than 20 feet. This type of lighting combines the aesthetics of low bay light with the utility of canopy light, thus making the space look more attractive. 

How to Choose the Best LED Canopy Light for Your Gas Station?


The brightness that comes from a light is called the lumen. The LED light selected should have enough brightness to ensure the safety and security of the gas station and the vehicles coming there. Typically high-intensity LED lights with lumen of 6000-18000 is required for a gas station. 

Color temperature

Color temperature refers to how warm or cool the light is. LED canopy lights for gas stations are mostly cool lights that provide enough brightness to the space. A color temperature of 4000-5500k is ideal for gas station lighting. 

Energy usage

The main purpose of using LED canopy lights for gas station is that they are energy efficient and cost effective lighting solution. You can check the Energy Star rating to understand the energy efficiency of the light. In addition you can also check the lumen per watt, as a higher ratio indicates high energy efficiency. 

Horizontal and vertical illuminance

LED Lighting for Gas Stations should have proper vertical and horizontal illuminance. While the vertical illuminance ensure that the refuelling is done without any difficulty, horizontal illuminance ensure the safety of the vehicles and passengers.


LED canopy lights are the best commercial lighting solutions for gas station. The long-lasting LED canopy lights are energy efficient and produce light of the correct color temperature. They offer enhanced safety lighting owing to their high lumen.

In addition to the above, low maintenance and easy installation also makes LED the best choice for gas station lighting. 

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