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Will choosing the right lighting make people buy more in stores

Will choosing the right lighting make people buy more in stores

The way lighting affects humans is a well-known principle. From the way light helps regulate mood to the way it helps regulate sleep cycles, lighting plays an important role in our daily lives. When it comes to shopping, many wonder if lighting has a role to play. Let's take a closer look at this interesting topic.

Will choosing the right lighting make people buy more?

The answer to that question is yes. The idea that people are influenced by the in-store environment, including lighting, is not news to anyone. In fact, one store set out to test the theory of how much of a role lighting plays in shopping. They found that "a fashion retailer in Germany increased sales by about 12 percent compared to another local store after installing a new lighting scheme specifically designed to appeal to the personality traits of its target customers." While this is one example, there are many other studies that report the way lighting affects a person's mood, and the fact that people are more willing to spend money when they are relaxed.

What are the techniques?

There are several technologies that can encourage shoppers to buy through lighting elements. The primary technology that companies can use in lighting is to check the color temperature. While you might think that lower temperatures are best for displaying goods, and in terms of highlighting products, higher temperatures actually encourage the most consumption. A good way to put this into practice and benefit your business is to use warmer lights overhead and at the checkout counter, while using cooler lights in smaller lights closer to the warmer end of the Kelvin scale to draw attention to the products on display. You definitely want to avoid low temperatures at the higher end of the Kelvin scale, as they create a sense of alertness that may cause shoppers to reconsider purchases.

The second technique is to use the right lumen output.The lumen output should be sufficient to provide sufficient lighting for safety and visibility, but it should not be as bright as a doctor's office. The general guideline is to place the highest lumen level at the door to invite shoppers to enter, and then place a lower lumen output throughout the rest of the store. The key here is to remember that lumens and color temperature are two separate entities, and each entity has a different effect on shoppers. Lumen is related to visibility, while color is more related to emotions. You want to provide enough lumens to ensure that customers can see the product, but not too bright to cause discomfort to the eyes.

Placement is another technology that can be used. Lighting should be placed in soft shadows to stimulate a more relaxed environment. For example, lighting should be placed to highlight the product from above or behind the shelf to ensure that the product is visible, but it should also be surrounded by attractive shadows to make shoppers feel relaxed.

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