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What are the types of LED mining lamps?

by CINOTON 16 Nov 2021 0 Comments

According to bright function can be divided into general floodlight and local floodlight two kinds.
General light

General lighting is usually evenly arranged on the top of the working site or the side wall, lighting the whole working face, the need to use large power incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, high intensity gas discharge lamp or a large number of fluorescent lamps, of course, there are relatively energy-saving high-power LED mining lamps, the vast majority of mining lamps are such. General lighting has higher requirements for the distribution of light, widely used direct lighting and semi-direct lighting two types of light distribution, especially the latter. Part of the semi-direct lighting type illuminates the ceiling with upward light, which increases the brightness of the ceiling and creates a more comfortable and bright environment.

Local light

Local lighting is a kind of lamps and lanterns to improve the illumination of a certain working part. Its role can be on the basis of general lighting to strengthen, supplementary lighting, also can be in some usually do not need lighting places (such as equipment maintenance, maintenance places) as temporary lighting. For the most part, their light distribution is not strictly regulated. Local floodlight is installed normally near working area, with use safety especially low voltage (≤50V, exchange effective value) incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp is illuminant. There are (portable) running lamp, hanging lamp, working lamp, machine tool working lamp, etc. In some tall plants, sometimes also use the projection lamp for local lighting.

Mining lamp according to the light source can be divided into traditional light source mining lamp (such as sodium lamp mining lamp, mercury lamp mining lamp, etc.) and LED mining lamp. Compared with traditional LED mining lamps, LED mining lamps have great advantages:

1. LED mining lamp indicating high RA> 70 
2. LED mining light with high efficiency and more energy saving, equivalent to 100W LED mining light can replace the traditional 250W traditional mining light.
3. The traditional light source has the disadvantage of high temperature of lamps and lanterns, the temperature of lamps and lanterns can reach 200-300 degrees. LED itself is a cold light source, the lamp temperature is low, more safe, belongs to the cold drive.
4. LED mining lamp in continuous innovation, the latest fin radiator lamp more reasonable radiator design, greatly reduce the weight of the mining lamp, so that the overall weight of 80W LED mining lamp decreased to below 4KG, and can perfect solve the 80-300W LED mining lamp heat dissipation problem.

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