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Why use led lights in the factory?

Why use led lights in the factory?

1. Is LED lighting applicable for manufacturing plants? Why or why not?

LED lighting is certainly applicable for any interior lighting application, including manufacturing plants. LEDs offer a great source in terms of color quality as it enhances the full spectrum of light, similar to that of natural daylight. As a result, LED lighting integration in manufacturing environments leads to increased production line productivity, increased visual acuity on production lines and significant energy efficiency.

A potential downside to implementing LEDs is its high initial cost. However in the long term, because of its energy efficient properties, LEDs offer 30 to 50% more savings versus ceramic metal halide lighting on the production floor and 35% more savings versus fluorescent lights in a manufacturing plant’s front offices, cost savings that greatly outweighs the overall initial cost throughout the lifetime of an LED product. Additionally, with an increased demand in LEDs, prices continue to decrease for these solutions.

2. If so, what do you see as its best applications?

While the production line may be a focal point for the manufacturing plant, front offices and corridors are a vital element in the overall facility. These offices are typically manned throughout the day. Many older manufacturing facilities utilize incandescent lights within the corridors, but switching to LED downlights combined with LED 2x2 and LED 4x4 lighting fixtures can create a brighter solution with more energy efficient benefits to keep up with its ongoing utilization – ultimately allowing for greater cost savings.

3. What are realistic expectations for plant owners installing LED lighting in terms of energy consumption and cost?

Various color spectrums artificial lighting sources provide greatly impacts individuals on a physiological and psychological level. In fact, studies have shown specific health benefits, including improved mood, enhanced morale, lower fatigue and reduced eyestrain, have been attributed to natural light and sources that mimic natural light’s stimulating qualities. With LED technology, manufacturing plants not only receive the cost-saving benefits of energy-efficient, long-lasting, recyclable lighting, but the benefit of workers reaching their full potential.

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