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Why Switch to LED Lighting in Commercial Buildings?

Why Switch to LED Lighting in Commercial Buildings?

Are you the owner of a commercial building struggling with high operational costs? Are you on the lookout for ways to reduce operational costs to maximise profit? Then, there is one aspect that you might not have given due consideration ie building lighting. 

Building lighting accounts for a large portion of operational costs. Whether you run a factory, have a retail establishment, or manage a parking lot, lighting cost occupies a significant portion of the overall operational cost. 

How can you reduce the total amount spent on lighting? LED light fixtures is the solution. In fact, LED lighting has revolutionised commercial building illumination like no other form of lighting.

This article will explore why you should consider switching to LED lighting and the benefits you will gain from it.

Why should you switch to LED lighting in commercial buildings?

LED lights offer a whole lot of advantages when compared to non-LED lights. This eventually helps bring down the overall operational cost and also reduces the negative impact on the environment. Let us have a look at the various benefits offered by LED lights. 

Energy Efficiency

LED lights consume significantly less power than traditional lighting options and thus is the most energy efficent lighting. In the case of LED lights, 80% of the energy used is converted into light, whereas for non-LED lights, a lot of energy is wasted as heat. Only a small percentage of light is generated. 

Thus, energy efficiency is very high in the case of LED lights. This reduction in energy use translates into lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint, making LEDs an eco-friendly choice.

Commercial buildings can see a reduction of 90% of energy bill when they switch to LED lights. 

Cost Savings

Although the initial investment in LED lighting may be high, this is nothing compared to the long-term savings made by using LED lights. 

LED lights last longer when compared to other forms of light. On average LED lights can last for upto 11 years with full working capacity. Thus, there is no need for frequent replacement of the light. 

Similarly, LED lights have only a few parts and do not require regular maintenance, so the maintenance cost is also low. All this helps in substantial cost savings. 

If you are switching from a non-LED to LED lighting solution for a commercial building, you should consider the number of fixtures required, daily use, wattage and cost of electricity to arrive at the total cost. However, you will notice a good return on investment when you switch to LED lights. 

Environmental Impact

LEDs are free from toxic chemicals like mercury found in other types of lights. It generates very little heat than non-LED lights. This can substantially reduce the building temperature which, in turn, reduce the power load in its mechanical system. 

Besides, LED lights are 100% recyclable. Every component of the LED bulb can be recycle separately. 

Switching to LED lighting helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions as LED emit less amount of carbon-di-oxide to the atmosphere. If you are constructing a green building, LED light is the preferred choice. 

All this makes LED light eco-friendly and a sustainable lighting solution that contributes to a greener environment.

Durability and Longevity

LEDs are designed to last up to 25 times longer than traditional lighting options. A normal LED light can function at full capacity for upto 11 years. Thus, if you use the light for 8 hours daily, it can last upto 20 years. 

This durability ensures less frequent replacements, thus saving both time and money.

Improved Lighting Quality

LED lights provide better lighting quality with higher color rendering indexes (CRI) and reduced flickering. The light is distributed uniformly and targets the work area without any shadow and glare. No light is wasted unlike non-led lights where the light gets distributed to the top and sides of the fixture. Thus, the illumination efficiency of LED lights is very high. 

You can also adjust the color temperature in an LED light as per your requirement. Whether you want a warm or a cool light, it is possible to make the necessary adjustment in an LED light. 

Dimmability is another feature that can provide the desired result. You can increase or decrease the light intensity while using LED light as per your requirement. 

This improved lighting can enhance the comfort and productivity of commercial spaces.

Low Maintenance

Due to their longevity and durability, LED lights require less maintenance than traditional lighting. The only maintenance required for LED lights are the regular dusting and cleaning. Apart form this, there is no need to change the light frequently as it has high durability.

This factor is particularly beneficial for commercial buildings where maintenance of light can disrupt operations.

Versatility and Design Flexibility

LED lights come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, offering versatile design options.

Do you have a design studio where you want to add a sophisticated lighting? Or do you want a simple and plain lighting for your warehouse? All this is possible when you opt for LED lighting solutions. 

LED lights can be easily integrated into different architectural styles depending on the design and your requirement. Thus it provides both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Improve workplace productivity

Employees typically spend several hours inside a commercial building. Thus, providng proper lighting is very important to reduce eye strain and improve their focus. This can be made possible by using LED lights. 

Besides certain LED lights also mimic daylight thus positively impacting the circadian rhythm of employees. 


LEDs are the future of commercial lighting solutions. Thus, switching to LED lighting in commercial buildings is a smart investment.

From a cost point of view, though the initial investment can be high, you can save on energy bill as they are high efficiency lighting. Moreover the maintenance cost is also low when you opt for LED lights. 

As far as environmental impact is concerned, LED lights does not emit any harmful chemical and hence is environmentally sustainable.The lighting quality is also very high in case of LED lights. 

Make the switch to LED lights today itself and experience the difference.


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