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The role of tunnel lights

The role of tunnel lights

Tunnel lights can solve a variety of visual problems when vehicles enter and exit the tunnel:

Due to the huge difference in brightness between inside and outside the tunnel during the day, the tunnel entrance will appear like a "black hole".

After entering the tunnel during the day, you need to drive a certain distance to see the internal "compliance lag" phenomenon.

After entering the tunnel during the day, it is necessary to drive a certain distance to see the phenomenon of "adaptation lag" inside.

During the day, the "white hole" at the exit of the tunnel affects the driver's inability to see the route and obstacles due to the great brightness difference between the inside and outside of the tunnel.

Tunnel lights illuminated by base light can effectively solve the above visual problems and play different roles in different sections of the tunnel.

The difference between tunnel lighting and ordinary road lighting is obvious, which is particularly important in its design. In the design of tunnel lighting scheme, it is necessary to ensure that the whole internal lighting effect of night and day is satisfied.

Led tunnel lamp set shell strength of high toughness alloy environmental protection material, dustproof, waterproof, corrosion and rust resistance advantages. At the same time, it has the ability to resist strong collision and impact, and the characteristics of high intensity and high frequency vibration in various close distances can not affect the lamps have become the necessary equipment for tunnel lighting.

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