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What are the characteristics of LED spotlights in use at night?

What are the characteristics of LED spotlights in use at night?

At the time of outdoor lighting engineering design, you can choose LED lights in the night or others happen to foil a landscape of the original style, add more landscape attractions, and therefore have to know the led landscape lighting engineering design, and want to express what behind the design, such as the design of lighting can suit the designers who want to convey the idea, create a more magnificent landscape.

Especially for bridges, if there is a water spray effect, it looks more beautiful and moving, like a rainbow. LED spotlight shell is stretched aluminum shell, better surface for anodizing treatment, discrimination: untreated softening marks can not be removed, treated softening marks can be removed. The important thing is that the style size, heat dissipation area, body weight, and heat dissipation coefficient of the shell should emerge a stable and suitable heat balance point to avoid the damage of lamp beads caused by continuous heating. Given this, more targeted products are recommended.

The key effect of LED spotlight is to create a light and shadow effect, which has rich color and can make the situation as dreamy and moving as a fairyland. The urban landscape project uses a large number of LED line lights. If you look at the colorful scenery at night, you will understand that its color is richer than that of projection lights.

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