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Introduction of outdoor lighting lamps

Introduction of outdoor lighting lamps

With the more mature of LED outdoor lighting technology, LED lighting lamps and lanterns, Bridges, roads, scenic spots, parks in the city more and more widely in the areas of application, especially the LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns have become today's mainstream lighting lamps and lanterns, nowadays, designs the city-lighting industry has entered a critical period of development, need to order to guide LED outdoor lighting industry, To facilitate the healthy development of LED lighting industry.

LED outdoor lighting lamps are of various types and shapes. This article mainly introduces some commonly used outdoor lighting lamps.

1. Outdoor lighting lamps - street lamps

The traditional street lamp light source generally uses a high-pressure sodium lamp light source, and there are two kinds of ballast used with sodium lamp bulbs: inductive ballast and electronic ballast. Most of the high-pressure sodium lamps used now are high color rendering high-pressure sodium lamps, and their color rendering index is R. The luminous efficiency reaches 70 to 80, and the luminous efficiency reaches 80lm/W. Traditional street lamps are mainly used in the lighting of roads, highways, airports, docks, docks, stations, squares, courtyards, and other places. High color high-pressure sodium lamp is mainly used in a gymnasium, exhibition hall, and other places of lighting.

2. Outdoor lighting - floodlights

A flood light is a kind of lamp that can emit light uniformly in all directions. Its exposure range is relatively large and can be arbitrarily adjusted to illuminate the whole scene. The floodlight body material is made by die-casting aluminum alloy, the surface is treated by electrostatic spraying, the lamp holder type is E40 or RX7S, the light source is single-ended metal halide lamp, double-ended metal halide lamp, or high-pressure sodium lamp, and the mask is toughened glass with 5mm thickness. The sealing strip inside the floodlight adopts an anticorrosive silicone rubber seal with good light transmittance. For high-performance inductive balloons, triggers, and capacitors, their internal wiring and external wires and cables should meet national or international standards. Floodlights are suitable for lighting signs, stadiums, squares, trees, billboards, parking lots, exterior walls of buildings, and other places.

3. Outdoor lamps and lanterns-courtyard lights

Courtyard lights need to be coordinated with the surrounding environment and history and culture, not only to achieve the purpose of decorating the scenery but also to provide necessary lighting. courtyard lights are outdoor lighting, mainly used in squares, parks, pedestrians streets, villas, and other places of lighting. There are three types of courtyard lights: modern courtyard lights, classical courtyard lights, and European courtyard lights. The lounge and the basic preconditioning parts are composed of 5 parts.

4, outdoor lighting lamps -LED buried lamp
Geolamp refers to the lamps that illuminate people under the ground. The body of the lamp is made of precision cast aluminum or stainless steel, and the panel is made of polished stainless steel or aluminum alloy. The buried lamp also uses arc multi Angle refraction glass (thickness of 8~15mm), the protection grade should reach IP65. The geographical lamp should adopt a high-quality waterproof joint and rubber seal ring, to achieve the purpose of waterproof, dustproof, leakage proof, corrosion resistance.
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