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Introduction to the characteristics of spotlights.

by CINOTON 05 Nov 2021 0 Comments
Projection lamp is a more professional lamps, mainly divided into optical parts, mechanical parts and electrical parts. The effect of optical components is to constrain light and reflect light. The mechanical part has the effect of fixing and altering the orientation of the light source. The mechanical part also includes a bracket, a base for fixing the lamp and a part with an angle-adjusted beam projection direction of the lamp. Mechanical components are also the biggest difference between the projector and other lamps, without mechanical components, the projector can not be poised to aim.

The light spot lamp has the function of built-in chip and can be used freely in small-scale engineering applications. Even if there is no remote control, it can also end jump, mutation, color flicker, random flicker, mutation replacement and many engineers like to use the LED spotlight shell when choosing outdoor lighting, which is bright enough, waterproof and dustproof, and is the first choice of many engineering parties.

LED projection lamp shell is actually a spotlight, because its irradiation Angle can be adjusted according to the LED projection lamp shell, the use of more flexibility, and the general LED projection lamp shell will have an Angle adjustment scale plate, so that it can be adjusted more accurately according to the mark of the scale plate.

Compared with other lighting fixtures, the body of LED projection lamp shell is very small, so it can adapt to the needs of a wider range of installation sites. Moreover, in the process of use, the LED projection lamp shell is not prone to damage. The LED projection lamp shell has good heat dissipation and will not heat up because the projection lamp is used for too long. Its service life is also relatively long.

There are many types of projection lamp, mainly divided into rotating symmetrical shape, two symmetrical shape, a symmetrical shape, asymmetric shape. Cast light and colorful effect, so become billboard lighting, beautification phenomenon lighting, bars, dance halls and many other places need to foil the atmosphere of the first use of lamps and lanterns.

Compared with other lighting fixtures, the shell of LED projection lamp can be used without controller, and the projection lamp can also achieve a variety of special irradiation effects in the use process, which is the advanced dynamic lighting decoration effect that cannot be achieved by ordinary lamps. Because it is actually a spotlight, with the function of spotlight lighting, so the projection lamp irradiation out of the lighting effect is good, the color of the light is bright, the light is not dazzling, on the contrary, it is also very soft, not only suitable for outdoor use, but also suitable for use in the family lighting above.
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