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Teach you how to use landscape lights to make your courtyard more beautiful

Teach you how to use landscape lights to make your courtyard more beautiful

Teach you how to use landscape lights to make your courtyard more beautiful

As night falls, the lights are on, everything is lit up, just like putting on gorgeous neon clothes for the city and dancing under the night. This is precisely because the landscape light is no longer a pure lighting function, its decorative effect is more and more amplified, and it is applied indoors and outdoors, so that our life is no longer monotonous and boring, but brings more visual enjoyment.

Look, does the courtyard under the night make you feel more gorgeous and romantic? Against the background of the lights, the trees are greener, the flowers are more beautiful, and they look more intense and have a sense of hierarchy. Don’t you think it’s great?

Reasonable application of lighting is one of the important parts of garden design. While it plays a role in lighting, it also renders a beautiful and quiet courtyard atmosphere. So what should we pay attention to in the landscape lighting design of the courtyard? Today, I will introduce some precautions for everyone to make your courtyard more beautiful and comfortable.

First, choose the right location. Lights are generally located at the entrances and exits of the courtyard green space, steps, corridors, water fountains, buildings, sculptures, lawn edges, etc., so that it will not hinder you, but also increase the aesthetics.

Secondly, the illuminance is in harmony with the environment. According to the different levels of the courtyard environment, the lighting illumination should be selected appropriately. Such as corridors, entrances and exits, etc., require sufficient lighting intensity; while on quiet paths, only general illumination is required. Relaxed and soft lighting will make the courtyard environment more tranquil and comfortable. On the whole, the lighting layout should be unified, the illumination is both uniform and undulating, with the artistic effect of light and dark rhythm. At the same time, we must prevent inappropriate dark corners from appearing.

Finally, choose the right lamp post height. If you want to have uniform illumination and be more beautiful, in addition to arranging the lamps evenly and reasonable distance, the height of the lamp post should be appropriate. You must decide the height of the lamp post according to the actual situation in your courtyard, and be creative.

The landscape lights of the swimming pool are even more indispensable. Different colors of lights can render different romantic colors for the swimming pool; the sunset glow in the sky forms a halo, forming a quiet and romantic picture with the nearby swimming pool lights.

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