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LED Flat Panel Light Frequently asked questions and answers

LED Flat Panel Light Frequently asked questions and answers

Q: What is the most suitable place for LED flat lights?

A:Home lighting

Q: What are the characteristics of LED Flat Panel lights? Where are they used?

A:LED Flat Panel Light is energy-saving, high brightness, no mercury, no strobe, no heat effect, no pollution, no radio interference, uniform light emission, save decoration space, subvert the luminous characteristics of traditional light source, can completely replace the traditional engineering lamp panel. Suitable for use in some hotels, conference rooms, schools, specialty stores, home furnishing, museums.

Q: Where are LED panel lights mainly used?

A:LED Flat Panel Light belong to home lighting and commercial lighting, that is, applied indoor lighting. Non-waterproof home ceilings, hotels, shops, shopping malls, etc.

Q: Where is the application of LED panel lights?

A:LED panel lights are mainly used in: 1.Ceiling (replaces the original grille lamp); 2. Wall (not only serves as lighting but also has artistic expression); 3. Installation body (pursuit of practical and artistic combination, convenient and simple Installation); 4.other (also can be used in other places, such as in cars, counters, etc.)

Q: Where is the ultra-thin LED panel light used?

A:Mostly used for counter lighting in shopping malls.

Q: What is the main material of LED Flat Panel Light housing?

A:Aluminum and acrylic are the main shell materials for making LED lamps. The outer frame of LED panel lights is basically made of aluminum, which has a beautiful appearance, is not easy to rust like iron, and has good heat dissipation performance. The key is relatively cheaper than other metal materials. The transparent part adopts an acrylic plate, and the internal light guide plate is also made of acrylic material. This material has strong plasticity, high light transmittance, and is not easy to change color. Therefore, it is very reasonable and cost-effective to use aluminum and acrylic to make LED lamps.

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