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How to identify the quality of led lights

How to identify the quality of led lights

How to identify the quality of led lights

LED lighting products believe that everyone has seen it and experienced the benefits of using it. LED lighting manufacturers said that although LED lamps have many advantages in use, they also need to recognize the quality of the lamps when choosing to purchase high-quality products can get more comprehensive protection and various support services after sale. Let's take a look at how to distinguish the quality of LED lights.

1.Look at the packaging

In seeing LED lamps when the appearance of packaging also need to be carefully identified, formal professional LED lamps in the product packaging will be printed in accordance with national standards, LED luminaires manufacturers packaging lamps on the rated voltage or voltage range and power frequency will be identified, and the manufacturer address contact information all content is all-inclusive, this packaging perfect products in order to be more guaranteed in quality.

2.Look at the color temperature and brightness of the product

The brightness of LED lights is displayed according to different color temperatures. The higher the color temperature, the better the brightness. Users can clearly see the brightness of the lamp through the test lamp and compare the color temperature number to understand the color temperature coefficient of different products to determine the quality of the lamp. Regular manufacturers will achieve very accurate color temperature number to ensure brightness and quality.

3.Observe the heat dissipation capacity of the product

LED products want to maintain a good service life during use, and it is inseparable from its good heat dissipation capacity during use. Therefore, when purchasing products, users can use it for a period of time and see if there is very hot heat. If the lamp does not show a lot of heat when it is used for a long time, it shows that the product has good performance, stability and high quality.

These are the relevant contents introduced for everyone to identify the quality of LED lights. It can be seen that if you want to be more effective in ensuring the quality of products when purchasing lamps, it is also very important to learn about the methods or contents of quality inspection. Cinoton has always been committed to high-quality LED light source products, without worrying about quality.


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