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How to choose the right LED high bay light

How to choose the right LED high bay light

How to choose the right LED high bay light

When designing warehouse lighting, according to visual requirements, warehouse operation nature and environmental conditions, through the selection and configuration of LED lamps, the work area should have reasonable illuminance, color rendering, suitable brightness distribution and a comfortable visual environment.

We can first consider these factors:

1.Energy-saving: realize the intelligent control of the lighting system, using warehouse dual-channel lighting, one channel can be closed during the day and two channels can be opened at night.

2.Safety: Lighting lamps with dust-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-riot performance should be used to ensure the safe operation of the lamps.

3.Long service life: The warehouse should not replace the lamps frequently to avoid the increase of maintenance costs in the later period. Choose lamps with long service life and high stability.

4.Warehouse height: the more common ones are 13-20 feet for low-rise warehouses, 20-49 feet for middle-level warehouses, and 49 feet for special high-rise warehouses.

5.Shelf height: the shelf height of low-level warehouses is generally 7 feet, and the shelf height of middle-level warehouses is generally 26 feet.

6.Illumination requirements: In order to clearly identify the goods and labels, the minimum brightness to the ground cannot be less than 80lux.

1-3 elements Relatively speaking, as long as you choose LED products from honest merchants and supply them according to the parameters agreed in the contract, there will be basically no problems. The most important thing is to lay out the position of the lights according to the elements 4-5, that is, according to the height and placement of the shelves, to ensure that each channel has sufficient lighting, and to use professional lighting simulation software. Analyze and calculate how much power LED lights are needed to meet the illumination requirements in element 6.

Let's take the most common warehouse height of 13-20 feet to see an example. The customer requires the ground illumination to be 120lux. We recommend using a 50W LED high bay light and a 90° lampshade. If 80W is used to reach the ground, it can reach 160lux. Two lamps span between 13-20 feet. The most common warehouses are 29-39 feet. For example, a warehouse on Amazon has a height of 39 feet and a shelf height of 26 feet. They require energy saving, power saving, safety, and long service life of lamps. Due to the high shelf height, the top of the shelf is also required to be lighted. We recommend the use of a 150W fin type high bay light with a 120-degree beam angle. The installation height of the lamp: 31 feet, the illuminance is 150 lux when the height is 29.5 inches from the ground, and the illuminance is 240 lux when the height is 20 feet from the ground. The span between the lights is 20 feet.

When determining the warehouse lighting plan, the special requirements of different types of buildings for warehouse lighting should be considered, and lighting and natural lighting should be handled properly, using high-efficiency light source lamps, rational use of construction funds, and improving the quality of warehouse lighting.

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