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How to Choose the Right Barn Light Fixtures?

How to Choose the Right Barn Light Fixtures?

If you have a barn, choosing the right barn light fixtures is essential. They not only transform your space's ambience but also add to its functionality. 

The peculiarity of a barn light is that it can be used to light up not just the barn but other areas of the house as well.  Do you want to light up the garage or your kitchen? Barn lights can be used. Or do you want to install lights in your drive way. Again barn lights are a great option. Thus choosing the right fixtures for the barn lighting makes a significant difference.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the different types of barn lights, the benefits of using LED barn lights and their application. 

Types of Barn Lights

Understanding the different types of barn lights is crucial to make the right decision. 

Gooseneck Barn Lights

This type of barn light has a curved arm resembling a gooseneck. It projects out of the wall and illuminates the space beneath. It is ideally used for illuminating large areas. 

Gooseneck barn light is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and is mainly installed in warehouses and buildings. This light is also perfect for highlighting signs and entrances.

Barn Light Sconces

These are also wall-mounted light similar to gooseneck lights, but have a shorter arm and a smaller shade. Thus, they can illuminate only a small area. 

Barn light scones provide focused lighting for specific areas and is mostly used as ambient lighting.

Pendant Barn Lights

Pendant barn lights can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are best for high ceilings and open spaces. This type of light hangs from the ceiling using a braided cord. 

Pendant barn lights are used to add a stylish touch to any setting.

Barn Light Post Lamps

These are lights that are fixed to a post and are excellent for illuminating pathways and driveways. Installing barn light post lamps on either sides of the driveway creates a welcoming environment.

Benefits of LED Barn Lights

Switching to LED barn lights offers several advantages. A few of the barn lighting benefits include

Energy Efficiency

The peculiarity of LED barn lights is that it consumes less power when compared to non-LED lights. Upto 80% of energy used by LED barn lights are converted to light and only 20% is wasted as heat. 

Thus, by using Energy-efficient barn lights, you can save a lot of money. 


LEDs have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs and can last for upto 25 years. Typically when used for upto 8 hours a day, an LED light can last for almost 20 years. Moreover, LED lights have very few parts that require regular maintenance. 


LED lights can withstand rough weather conditions like rain, storm and heat. It will last for long even after getting exposed to these environmental factors. Thus, Durable barn lights are ideal for outdoor use. 

Cost saving

The initial investment when installing LED barn lights can be a little high. But this is negligible when compared to the overall savings. Since the LED barn lights last for a long time, there is no need for replacement of the light at regular intervals. Thus, you can save on the replacement cost.

Similarly, since the LED barn light requires very less maintenance, the maintenance cost can also be saved to a great extent. 

Environmental impact

LED barn lights do not cause nay negative effect on the environment. These lights do not produce harmful chemicals like mercury that can pollute the environment. Besides, the longevity of the LED lights reduce the need for frequent replacement thus making it more eco-friendly. 

Applications of Barn Lights

Barn lights are versatile and can be used in various settings. Below are a few of the Barn light applications in day to day life. 

Outdoor Lights: Barn lights are typically used to light up the space outside the barn. Barn light post lamps can be installed on either side of the driveway or walkways to enhance the safety and aesthetics of the space. 

Indoor Lights: Indoor barn lights improve visibility and provides a rustic look to the space. These lights can be used as indoor lights in barns, workshops, and garages. 

Decorative barn lights: Barn lights can add charm and character to any space and hence they are used as decorative lighting. They are used as decorative pieces in hotels, restaurants, casinos, shopping centers and other areas. 

Barn lights Installation Tips

Installing barn lights can be straightforward if you follow these tips:

Choose the Right Height

You should make sure that the lights are mounted at the right height to cover the desired area. This is particularly so for gooseneck barn light and barn light scones that are mounted on the wall. 

Since gooseneck lights cover a wide area, they an be mounted at a higher level to get a better coverage. 

Consider the power source

Another aspect to consider while installing a barn light is the power source. Do you want to install the light as a plug-in light? Or do you want hard wiring for the light? 

You should keep in mind that plug-in lights are more affordable than hard wired lighting. 


In case of outdoor barn lights, you should ensure the lights are protected from the outside weather like sun, wind and rain. You can weatherproof barn lights either by installing the light in a sheltered area or under eaves to protect it. 


Like any other lighting fixture, choosing barn lights also requires certain careful consideration. This ensures that you get the best light as per your requirements. 

Firstly, you should consider the type of light you want to install. Do you want to provide a rustic vibe to your indoors? Then you can go for a pendant barn light. If lighting the driveway is important, then barn light post lamps are great options. 

In addition to the above, you should also consider installation tips like the height and space available, the power source and whether proper weatherproofing is done or not before installing barn lighting fixtures. 

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