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How to choose office lighting?

How to choose office lighting?

How to choose office lighting?

With the recent changes in the form of computerized paperless office, people began to pay attention to the impact of office lighting on the eyes and body, and the requirements for office lighting have also increased. Because people face the computer for a long time, their eyes are very sad. If the light is wrong, it will accelerate eye fatigue, so office workers should pay attention to office lighting and protect their eyes.That's when led lights come into play.

1. Large open-plan office

This kind of office is usually used in open office places such as customer service centers and technical offices. Therefore, in terms of lighting, all surfaces should be illuminated as uniformly as possible so that all workstations can be fully illuminated for efficient work.Lighting should be conducive to the physical comfort of employees, and produce a sense of health, safety, vigilance and so on. The main lighting can use LED panel light or LED tube.

2. Cubicle office, such as a manager's office

The manager's office often reflects the manager's taste and personality, high-quality furniture, artwork and other decorations, and paints a picture of success for colleagues and business prospects. In the office, conversational tasks are often carried out, and various decisions are made for company development. In terms of lighting requirements, a minimum illumination of 300LX should be met above the desk, and the lighting in the reception area should be softer, and illumination at 200LX is better. 3W or 5W LED downlights or LED spotlights can be used, and high-power LED light strips can be installed on the ceiling.

3. Lounge and reception room

The lounge and reception room are equivalent to the company's "business card". The first impression is very important. Lighting can help these offices achieve the desired effect. The light atmosphere is mainly soothing. LED downlights or LED ceiling lights can be used. For the lighting products in the lounge and reception room, you can choose some soft light,not so bright light, you can achieve a better rest state.

No matter what kind of space,you should invest in high-quality products that are designed to last. Cinoton is one of the best brands in the market right now. They offer quality lighting solutions for both homes and businesses and do not cut corners when it comes to offering lighting fixtures.

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