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Attention points and preventive measures for outdoor LED floodlights

Attention points and preventive measures for outdoor LED floodlights

Attention points and preventive measures for outdoor LED floodlights

The production of outdoor LED floodlights pay more attention to the situation of water ingress, because LED floodlights are generally used in outdoor scenes and are easily affected by rainy weather. In fact, when LED floodlights are produced, they have begun to pay attention to the water ingress, especially on the LED floodlight housing. The LED floodlight housing understands the key points and preventive measures for the production of floodlights.

Water seepage in screw holes is a place that manufacturers easily overlook. There are several reasons for water seepage: 1. The quality of the shell causes screw slippage (large holes and poor material); 2. Poor screw quality causes screw heads; 3. When the screw is locked, the sealing ring of the plug is offset (due to the extrusion of the screw, the extrusion of the shell and the plug, etc.); 4. The torque of the electric screw is too small, etc.For the phenomenon of water seepage in the screw hole, many factories now add a sealing ring to the screw to reduce defects.

Water seepage at the contact surface between glass and shell

Especially after the lamp is installed and used, under the conditions of sunlight and the temperature rise, low temperature and other thermal expansion and contraction of the lamp itself, this step has not been handled properly in the production process.

Installation precautions: 1. When installing the glass, be sure to use glue with sufficient concentration and quality; 2. Before installing the glass, check whether the glue is faulty; 3. When installing the glass, use the side to press the glass in place.

The above are the measures to prevent water ingress in the production of LED floodlights summarized by cinoton. LED floodlight housing manufacturers have many methods to prevent floodlights from water seepage. These are two of them, which are easier to operate and have significant effects.

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