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Why LED UFO lights are considered for a warehouse?

Why LED UFO lights are considered for a warehouse?

Why LED UFO lights are considered for a warehouse?

With the continuous progress of industrialization and technological level, both newly-built and renovated workshops and workshops have higher requirements for lighting. The original traditional lighting fixtures often fail to meet the basic lighting requirements in terms of illumination, or In terms of energy saving, they cannot meet the requirements of factories, and more and more workshops and workshops use LED lighting fixtures.

LED lighting lamps have multiple advantages and become an excellent substitute for traditional lamps and can provide a better production environment for workshops.

1.High luminous efficiency, industrial workshops with large machinery have relatively high ceilings and large spaces, so the lamp power required is relatively high. LED lighting has the characteristics of large luminous flux and high efficiency. Considering the ceiling height and design illuminance, it is very suitable for selecting high-power, wide-angle, uniform illuminance, no glare, no stroboscopic LED flood light or high bay light.

2.While meeting illuminance requirements, LED lighting fixtures have low power consumption, are environmentally friendly, and durable. It plays a very positive role in reducing environmental pollution and saving factory lighting costs.

3.Long lifespan, under the right current and voltage, the lifespan of LED can reach more than 50,000 hours. Calculated based on the average daily lighting time of 24 hours, it is equivalent to at least 5 years of continuous use.

LED floodlights are used as lighting fixtures for workshops and workshops, and the initial investment cost is high, but because the LED light source has the characteristics of high light efficiency and long life, it can bring considerable economic benefits to the factory in the long run


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