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The use of high-power LED floodlights for high pole lights has more advantages

by CINOTON 09 Aug 2020 0 Comments

The use of high-power LED floodlights for high pole lights has more advantages

In outdoor lighting, high pole lights play a pivotal role. On some special occasions, such as squares, intersections, certain venues, etc., because of their particularity or requirements for lighting, sometimes high Pole lamp lighting. In the past, many high-pole lamp lighting projects used high-power high-pressure sodium lamps with a structure of multiple lamp heads to meet the lighting needs.

With the development of LED technology, more and more high-power LED lamps are introduced to the market. The power of high-power LED flood lights ranges from 150W to 360W. Different brands of chips from 110 lumens/watt to 150 lumens/watt can be used with high transmittance. The light glass lens, the lamp shell adopts honeycomb design, die-cast aluminum material, has higher light efficiency and lighting effect, and it has advantages when used with high pole lights. What are the specific advantages?

1.High power and high luminous efficiency: The design of high-power LED floodlights with high power up to 360W makes high-pole lights have better lighting effects. Some road junctions, large squares, stadiums, etc. have restrictions on the number and location of lights. Therefore, the power requirements will be higher. Different LED module floodlights have optional power up to 360W, which can better meet the different lighting needs of customers.

2.Honeycomb structure and die-cast aluminum material: honeycomb design, better heat dissipation, can reduce the weight of the lamp, die-cast aluminum material also makes the lamp shell lighter, in some high pole lamp applications, the same design pole can support and install a larger number of LED module floodlights to make the overall lighting effect better.

Therefore, the use of high-power LED floodlights for high pole lights is more advantageous.

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