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The importance of high pole lighting on the stadium

by CINOTON 17 Aug 2020 0 Comments

The importance of high pole lighting on the stadium

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people often see a lot of people running, playing football, and playing football at night. Then these places must have lighting equipment. High pole lights are the stadiums and sports fields we see. Commonly used lighting equipment, if there is no high-pole lighting, the night can not reflect the value of its venue. Today I will take you to understand the importance of high pole lights in stadiums and sports venues. Let’s learn about it together.

High pole lamp: generally refers to a lighting device composed of a steel cone light pole above 49 feet and a high-power combined lamp structure. It is composed of lamp holder, internal lamp electrical, pole body and basic parts. The shape of the lamp holder can be determined according to user requirements, surrounding environment, and lighting needs. The internal lamps are mostly composed of flood lights. The light source uses NG400 high-pressure sodium lamps with a lighting radius of 60 meters. The rod body is generally a pyramid-shaped single body structure, which is made of steel plates. The height is 49-130 feet, and it is mostly composed of two to three sections.

If the high pole lamp is used too much on the sports field, it will be too bright, which will affect people's vision, and the lack of it will make it unclear. Therefore, how many high-pole lights need to be analyzed in detail, we must consider the area of the sports field, the pole division of the high-pole lights, and the brightness requirements. If you focus on energy saving and brightness, you can choose a high-pole lamp. Its light source is a new energy-saving lighting source. Under the condition of achieving the same lighting effect, the high-pole lamp can save about 70% of energy than other high-pole lamps. Energy saving is about 20%. Under the premise that the same lighting effect is required, generally 150W high-voltage high-pole lamps can be used to replace other 400W lamps. The power factor can reach 0.99, which is very energy-saving. It also supports repeated hot start, which is very suitable for road lighting, factory lighting, Workshop lighting, factory and mine lighting, park lighting, high pole lighting, intelligent lighting.

High pole lights play a vital role in stadiums and sports fields. If ordinary lights are used for lighting, there will be no such effect. If the wattage of high pole lights is not reached, then how many high pole lights should be used According to the plan, high pole lights should be used reasonably to give full play to their due effects.

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