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The hazards of using fluorescent lamps for a long time

The hazards of using fluorescent lamps for a long time

The hazards of using fluorescent lamps for a long time

Fluorescent lamps are a kind of cold light source, which excites fluorescent substances to emit light by high voltage. In fact, fluorescent lamp flickers at high frequency. Although human vision cannot detect it, it actually causes damage to eyes and is easy to fatigue.

1. Fluorescent tubes contain heavy metals such as mercury and phosphor, which can cause harm to the environment and human body.

2. Damage to the environment: the phosphor powder contains a large amount of Hg during the process of charging the fluorescent tube, so the main source of its harm is the Hg vapor it emits. Authoritative data shows that when mercury vapor reaches 0.04 to 3 mg, it can cause chronic poisoning within 2 to 3 months; it can induce acute mercury poisoning in an amount of 1.2 to 8.5 mg. If the amount reaches 20 mg, it will directly cause animal death. Once mercury enters the human body, it can quickly diffuse and accumulate in the kidneys, chest and other tissues and organs. Chronic mercury poisoning can cause mental disorders, autonomic nerve disorders, acute symptoms often headache, fatigue, fever, redness of the mouth and digestive tract gums Soreness, bleeding, loose teeth, etc., some skin red spots, papules, a few kidney damage, individual kidney pain, chest pain, difficulty breathing, cyanosis and other acute interstitial pneumonia.

Fluorescent lights can produce more ultraviolet rays, which can cause photochemical fog indoors and cause indoor environmental pollution. Long-term exposure to fluorescent lights will affect the nervous system, especially for babies whose nerves are in the developmental stage.


Fluorescent lamp ballasts will oscillate and emit infrasound inside. Infrasound is a wave band that humans cannot perceive. Long-term exposure to infrasound radiation can disturb people's nerves, causing dizziness, nausea and even depression.

Mercury pollution

Mercury as a necessary intermediate medium for phosphors to emit light, is ubiquitous in fluorescent lamps. Working for a long time will increase the temperature of the fluorescent lamp and escape the mercury vapor. The mercury element not only causes huge irreversible pollution to soil and water bodies, but also affects human health. Mercury as a heavy metal can cause chronic poisoning of mercury. The clinical symptoms are dizziness, forgetfulness, and even severe tremors in severe cases.


The color-forming principle of fluorescent lamps is that electrons excite three colors of phosphors to emit light. Blue light is one of the three colors. Due to this characteristic of the fluorescent lamp, the result of uneven spectral distribution is caused. Among them, the intensity of blue light, red light and green light each account for one third, resulting in excessively high blue light intensity compared to general light sources. Blue light is the highest energy wave in visible light, and its energy can penetrate the cornea and lens and directly cause harm to the retina. Long-term exposure to blue light can cause dry eyes, tearing, and even macular lesions, which can lead to decreased vision.

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