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Some common problems with LED street lights!

Some common problems with LED street lights!

1. The problem that the LED street lamp does not work

It is really worrying that the LED street lamp does not work. How should we solve this problem? First of all, we need to check the circuit, because many times the LED street lamp does not light may be the circuit failure. If there is nothing wrong with the circuit after checking, it should be the drive.
The driver controls the current and voltage. If the current or voltage is too large or too small, the street lamp cannot shine properly. If the driver is detected to be the problem, it is necessary to buy a new driver for replacement.

2. The problem of LED street lamp brightness dimming

I believe that people who have seen LED street lamp holders know that lamp holders are generally composed of beads. The beads are in a string, and if one of the beads in the string is burned, the others in the string will not light. If the whole string of beads had been burned, the whole cap would have been extinguished.

We can see the burnt beads in the appearance, the dimming of the brightness may also be the individual beads were burned. Of course, if each string of beads on a lamp to be burned, it is necessary to consider the problem of capacitance or resistance.

3. The problem of LED street light flashing after turning off the light

If the lamp holder still flashes after the LED street lamp is turned off, the first thing we need to consider is the problem of the line. It may be that there is a problem with the zero line controlled by the switch. If so, we should deal with it in time to avoid danger. If no problem is found after the circuit check, it is likely to be the self-induced current generated by the LED street light itself. To solve this problem, we have to buy a 220V relay, the coil and the lamp series, you can solve the problem.

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