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Impact of Lumens on Warehouse LED Lighting

Impact of Lumens on Warehouse LED Lighting

The importance of lighting in warehouses is often overlooked. Apart from adding to the aesthetics of the space, lighting has a significant role in a warehouse.

The safety of the employees depends greatly on proper lighting inside the warehouse. Emergencies can be reduced, and accidents can be avoided if the warehouse is properly lit.  Besides, lighting also plays a very important role in improving operational efficiency, boosting employee morale and thereby increasing overall productivity. 

Why Lumens Matter in Warehouse Lighting?

Lumen refers to the amount of visible light or the light output from a lighting source. The general rule is that the higher the lumen, the brighter the light, and vice versa. You can buy a light with the correct brightness based on the lumen of the light. 

Earlier, watts were considered a measure of brightness, but not anymore. Nowadays, you should consider the lumen while purchasing a light. 

How do you calculate the right lumen requirement?

The lumen reuqiremnt for a warehouse is influenced by various factors.

Task undertaken in the warehouse

The lumen requirement for a warehouse depends on the size of the items handled in the warehouse. If large items are handled, then very bright light is not required. Thus, the lumen requirement is around 10 lumens per square foot. 

However, as the size of the items handled decreases, more bright light is required for clear viewing. Thus, the lumen requirement increases to 30 lumen per square foot. 

Areas like the aisle require only moderate lighting, ie around 20 lumen per square foot. 

Size and layout of the warehouse

The size and layout of the warehouse and the ceiling height also affect the lumen requirement. If the warehouse has several shelves and partitions, the light should be distributed in such a ays that there are no dark spots or shadows. 

For example, the common areas of a warehouse, such as the locker room and break room, require only 100-200 lumens of light. Open warehouses and conference halls require 200-500 lumens of light. 

Manufacturing units should have task specific lighting and may require 1000-2000 lumens of light, which increases to 5000-10000 lumens in units where high-precision work is carried out. 

Height of the warehouse

If the warehouse has taller ceiling, then more bright ceiling height lighting is required to provide enough brightness to the work area. Thus, the lumen requirement will be high. 

In case the warehouse has varying ceiling height, you should consult a lighting expert who can assess the situation and recommend the required industrial lighting solutions.

In addition to the above factors, you should also consider the government regulations in your area while deciding on the required lumen for your warehouse. 

Benefits of Proper Lumen Levels

Lumen is the measurement of the brightness of a light source. Thus, the benefits you get from a proper lumen level are the same as the benefit of having light with the right brightness.

  • Enhanced visibility and safety

The efficiency of warehouse safety lighting depends on how bright it is. This is highly essential to improve visibility. Workers should be able to see even the tiny item clearly to complete the work without delay. Similarly, many accidents can also be avoided if the warehouse is well lit. 

  • Improved worker productivity

In a warehouse, using lights with the correct lumen can mimic daylight. This, in turn, can boost the workers' morale and make them more productive. With the proper lighting, workers can complete their work on time with 100% efficiency. 

  • Energy efficiency and cost savings

LED lights are the most energy-efficient lighting. Thus, by using high-efficiency LED lights for warehouses, the energy efficiency can be increased considerably. Since 80% of the energy used by LED lights is converted to light, there is more efficiency. This, in turn, converts to cost savings. 

Besides, LED lights are highly durable and can last for more than ten years. This again contributes to cost savings. 

Common Lighting Solutions for Warehouses

LED high bay lights, LED canopy lights, and LED work lights are a few of the lighting solutions available for warehouses. 

Of the above, LED high bay lights are the most efficient lighting solution for warehouse lighting. 

The main advantage of LED high bay lights is that they offer optimal brightness with energy-saving features, perfect for large warehouse spaces. The high lumen output, long lifespan, and reduced energy consumption also make them a perfect choice for large warehouses. 

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Tips for Maintaining Optimal Lighting

Regular maintenance and cleaning

To get optimal brightness, it is very important to clean and maintain the light at regular intervals. You can prepare a lighting maintenance and cleaning schedule and follow the same to ensure that all lights perform at optimal capacity. 

Periodically, you should check for faulty components like bulbs and wiring and replace them as needed. 

Similarly, bulbs should be cleaned at regular intervals with a soft cloth and a non-alcoholic cleaning solution. Cleaning the bulbs regularly provides optimum brightness and helps you figure out faults, if any, without delay.  

Periodic assessment of lighting needs

The lighting needs of a warehouse might change over a period of time. You will notice that more bright light is required in certain areas to carry out a specific work. You should periodically assess such lighitng needs and make the necessary changes to maintain optimal lighting in the warehouse. 

Consider the environmental factors

In case of outdoor lighting, environmental factors like wind, dust and sunlight can affect the performance of the light. For eg; in case of a storm, more dust is likely to accumulate on the light. In that case, you should clean the light immediately after the calamity to ensure it works at optimal level. 


Understanding the lumen and lighting requirements and providing lights that meet the need is very important in a warehouse. It not only boosts the morale of the employees and increase their productivity but also helps save cost. 

It is always advisable to undertake periodical evalutaion of LED warehouse lights and make the necessary changes as required. 

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