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How to protect parking lot lights during thunder and lightning seasons

How to protect parking lot lights during thunder and lightning seasons

How to protect parking lot lights during thunder and lightning seasons

In thunderstorms and windy weather, you must pay attention to regular pruning of the surrounding trees to see if there is a safety hazard in their dumping degree. The lightning protection of parking lot lights is different from ordinary street lights, mainly because the response speed of LED is faster than ordinary street lights, and the voltage capacity is smaller than ordinary street lights. It is better to consider these aspects:

1. Anti-direct lightning strike: use pole as lightning arrester device.

2. Grounding: This is the most important thing. You can use a pole to drain the fluid. The grounding network is determined according to the geological soil, and the grounding resistance is less than 10 ohms. In addition, the circuit system of the street lamp should also be grounded at an appropriate location.

3. Circuit: Install special photovoltaic DC lightning protection device. The lightning protection device is mainly designed according to the power supply voltage. During thunder and lightning weather, the circuit of the LED street lamp will generate a surge voltage or a surge current through electrostatic induction or electromagnetic induction, thereby affecting and destroying the LED street lamp equipment. Therefore, Cinoton recommends choosing a suitable LED special lightning protection device to protect the power line from surge and overvoltage to avoid large-area LED street lights from lightning damage in the same area.

In order to improve the waterproof treatment of the parking lot light controller, most of the street light controllers are installed in the lampshade and battery box. Generally, there will be no water, but there will be some in the actual case project, such as improper installation or the circuit of the controller. The board is not treated with three-proof paint, which causes rainwater to flow into the parking lot light controller along the external wiring of the controller, which will cause a short circuit. Therefore, we should pay attention to the controller during construction. The internal connection wire of the terminal is bent into a "U" shape and fixed, and the exposed connection wire should also be fixed to a "U" shape to ensure that the controller will not be short-circuited due to rainwater, or Apply waterproof glue to the interface of the inner and outer cables to waterproof.

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