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Five trends in commercial lighting in 2020

Five trends in commercial lighting in 2020

Five trends in commercial lighting in 2020

With the advancement of LED lighting technology and the development of Internet technology, commercial lighting is no longer limited to functionality. Several new trends have emerged in the commercial lighting industry. Lighting is more focused on enhancing the quality of life of users, optimizing space utilization, and enhancing energy efficiency.

1.People are more popular because of lighting and people-oriented

In recent years, the concept of Human Centric Lighting has become more and more popular. More and more homeowners and equipment managers incorporate adjustable white light technology into their lighting strategies. Adjustable white light technology is designed for humans for lighting applications, allowing LED lighting to imitate natural light to follow the circadian rhythm to meet human visual, emotional and biological needs. Many surveys and studies in the past have pointed out that proper lighting can make users focus and full of energy. There is a primary school in Denmark that uses human-based dynamic lighting solutions to increase student concentration and fight fatigue. InterContinental Hotels Group also uses circadian rhythm light to help customers improve their sleep quality.

2.Internet lighting system goes to market

Smart building networking applications require sensor networks to collect data. The Internet lighting system uses wireless sensors to provide real-time data in a specific space, including lighting, temperature, occupant activity, and volatile organic compound (VOC) content. The lighting system administrator or software developer takes over the data collection and processing to establish the monitoring application and optimize the space usage.

3.Sharing economy introduces space as a service 

Working space uses space as a service concept and becomes part of the sharing economy. This means that space can now be purchased, and the working environment can be purchased through various channels to provide the appropriate space and services for work. As a service platform, space must have the ability to install spaces as required, and lighting is playing an indispensable role. A networked lighting system with built-in sensors and individually controlled lights can be reset by software to support specific tasks and residential preferences. The lighting system can change as the workplace changes, and support these new looks.

4.Optimizing space utilization through lighting system data

How to effectively manage the use of space is a very important issue for the company. In the past, space was divided according to industry standard formulas, software that meets the needs of some organizations, or even manual calculations. This process is slightly time-consuming and inelastic. However, the commercial real estate industry has misappropriated data to drive optimized applications, which are regarded as intelligent building networking applications. More and more companies are adopting workplace analysis SaaS business models to optimize space usage. The application will depend on the data execution of the networked lighting system.

5.Green lighting continues to heat up

Driven by climate change, increasingly strict building regulations, and the need for energy conservation, investors have gradually begun to increase investment for the purpose of sustainability. LED lighting and control strategies play an important role in greening actions. If you use lighting control strategies, sensors, and reduce lighting socket loads, you can reduce overall energy consumption and help promote green lighting plans. Control strategies such as daylight harvesting can introduce natural light into the room and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Each luminaire is equipped with a sensor. After collecting the presence information and transmitting it to the building management system (BMS), the sensor is then handed over to the BMS to regulate the air conditioning according to the presence conditions. And if the lights are dimmed at the peak moment of the grid, it can reduce the socket load, lower the cost of facilities, and ensure that the residents have enough light.


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