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About the difference between drive power isolation and non-isolation in LED

About the difference between drive power isolation and non-isolation in LED

About the difference between drive power isolation and non-isolation in LED

The LED drive power supply with isolation transformer or electrical isolation means that the LED can be directly touched by hand without electric shock. Although the LED drive power supply without an isolation transformer can still achieve partial mechanical insulation with the help of a protective casing, the LED cannot be directly contacted during operation at this time.

Isolated power supplies are usually larger than non-isolated power supplies of the same power level. Lighting designers must carry out a lot of cost and design optimization work in each product they design. As it is suitable for different applications, whether to use isolated insulating transformers or isolated protective lamp housings, designers will always have different opinions from different perspectives.Usually, they will analyze from many aspects, such as cost and manufacturing process, efficiency and volume, insulation reliability and safety requirements, etc. The cost of driving with a transformer is higher, but it also makes LED lamps more practical and can meet the needs of end users who occasionally touch LEDs.

As a product that end users can use safely, the reliability of insulation and isolation must be considered. As a complete product, the parts on the surface of the product accessible to users must be isolated to prevent electric shock. As far as the entire system of the product is concerned, isolation is inevitable. The only difference is the location of the isolation. Some designers use an isolated transformer design, so they can simplify the heat dissipation and lampshade design. If a non-isolated drive design is used, reliable insulation requirements must be considered in the lamp housing and other structures. Therefore, as a power drive, both isolated and non-isolated solutions have always existed at the same time.

Isolated and non-isolated LED drive power solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages. Because many LED lighting applications are enclosed in a small space, it is difficult to use ventilation to dissipate heat. Without careful thermal design, LEDs and power supply drive circuits can easily degrade or fail permanently due to high temperatures.

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